WazirXNFT is celebrating 1 year into NFTs & here is what you can avail of from this limited-time offer:

1 year anniversary of WazirXNFT

WazirX is one of India’s most popular decentralized crypto exchanges. WazirX was founded with the simple purpose of solving one of the biggest issues in crypto — liquidity. And it’s on a mission to make crypto available to everyone in India. In 2017, when WazirX started out, there were barely any exchanges in India and the ones that were operational were charging absurd amounts of fees (as high as 12% on each trade!).

In June 2021, WazirXNFT, India’s first decentralized NFT marketplace was born. A lot of changes in the last year were made as they continue to work hard to make NFTs more accessible to everyone. They started off with a vision of making Indian NFT artists and their incredible work accessible to each & every one through NFTs. Over the past year, they have introduced new features like Nano NFTs, which enables more power to creators aiming for custom contracts.

What is Nano NFT?

Nano NFT is a WazirXNFT exclusive feature which allows creators to deploy their smart contract of 10k NFTS with just 1 click. Before Nano NFT creators had to create their minting page so people can claim their NFT and release it in the marketplace, and write their own smart contract which also includes writing traits, rarest features, and design your NFTs.

Nano NFTs

Creators save hundreds of dollars with Nano NFTs since this distinctive functionality allows them to deploy their smart contract for a one-time expense.

How to launch your first Nano NFT collection on wazirXNFT Marketplace

Are you looking forward to publishing your first 10k project in WazirX? Read the entire article here.

How does WazirX celebrate its anniversary?

Yesterday (1st June 2022) in a Twitter space, Sandesh Suvarna (VC of WazirXNFT) congratulated everyone who has been in this marketplace from Day 1 till now. Moreover, collector Kunal Kamble aka CryptoSauga congratulated Tarini Khanna, Frescoarts, Abhishapes, and Madan Bhutekar for supporting the community from the very beginning.

Listen to the recorded space here.

On this very occasion, WazirXNFT marketplace has declared Zero Platform Fee. This offer is limited till 5th June, 11:59 PM IST.

WazirXNFT Marketplace



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